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Drain Field Restoration

The purpose of your septic system is to be a passageway for waste to travel from your house to a disposal site.  A healthy septic system can take the water and waste from your residence and transfer them to your septic tank and leach field on a daily basis.   The leach field or “drain field” is where the water part of the household waste is directed.  The drain field has “paths” made of pvc pipe, chambers or gravel that are throughout your yard.   A functioning septic system will disperse waste water through your drain field on a daily basis. 

Sometimes, the drain field portion of your septic system stops functioning.  The drain field lines stop absorbing the waste water.  When this happens, waste water is unable to leach through the system causing a back up into the home or “break-out” to the ground. This situation does not adhere to Massachusetts EPA standards and deems a septic system as failing according to the state Title V regulations.

In order to remedy the situation, there are two alternatives.  One solution is to restore the drain field to its original functioning condition.  This solution is only an option in certain circumstances when after a careful examination of your septic systems’s condition, our trained technician determines that our drain field restoration treatment would be an effective choice.  If the technician should determine that your situation is beyond repair, then the alternative would be a septic system replacement

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