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Main Line Repair and Replacement

Your septic system includes a pipe that runs from your house to your septic tank. This passageway is called the main line.  Waste travels from the pipes in your house out of the house through the main line. The waste then travels through the main line and empties into your septic tank. 

Main lines are typically constructed of piping made of pvc, orangeburg or cast iron. Over time, the main line can develop cracks or leaks that need repair or replacement.  Ready-Rooter offers both services. 

When Ready-Rooter is repairing a main line, we use the highest quality materials. All workmanship and materials are guaranteed as long as you own your home.           

If a main line replacement is the solution, Ready-Rooter offers two remedies: traditional pipe replacement and Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation.

Our traditional replacement starts with Dig Safe identifying the utility line locations.  After Ready Rooter excavates the work area we replace the existing broken pipe with durable schedule 40 pvc pipe. The area is then backfilled and your landscaping returned to its original condition.

The alternative replacement, Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation, is a great option to avoid compromising expensive patios, driveways and landscaping.  With Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation, Ready Rooter inserts a Nu Flo liner into the existing pipe to provide a seamless passageway for your household waste. This procedure and liner are guaranteed to serve as an effective functional line for as long as you own your home.

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